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    Up in the Air: Fire Safety, Politics and the Environment, the blog for those with an interest in fire safety, and concern for the environment, is published by H3R Clean Agents. "H3R" stands for Halon and the 3 Rs: Recover, Recycle, Redeploy.

    H3R Clean Agents was founded in 1995 out of concern for the environment and the ozone layer, with the mission to accomplish these 3 Rs. Today, as a member of the H3R family of companies, which includes H3R Aviation and H3R Performance, H3R Clean Agents is recognized for providing high quality gaseous fire protection products and services. A key company objective is to demystify fire safety in general and halon and other "Clean Agent" fire extinguishers in particular - a goal that is increasingly difficult to accomplish given the plethora of information spawned from the rise in global concern for the environment, and the dynamic, interconnected world of today.

    Up in the Air is intended to help. It's no secret that climate change is a global issue. What can be harder to understand, though, is how concern about the environment - and the resulting regulations which often take years to reach their final form - influence fire safety. If you haven't been paying close attention to this subject, it might take some serious time and effort to gain a perspective about how current developments may impact your business, or your level of fire-preparedness (The most effective fire fighting agent may not be the most environmentally friendly!). Up in the Air aims to flatten your learning curve through our comprehensive Regulatory Reference section. Also, we'll keep you up to date with all the news and goings-on which may have an impact on fire safety with our regular blog posts.